Monday, March 4, 2013


Robert Sinewick                                                                                                              

To America’s One Percent,
Now this may come off as brash, desperate or free riding, but please hear me out. I would like one million dollars for one year and at the end of the year you will receive your full one million dollars back. Now what I will not do is tell you what I intend to do with this million dollars. For all I know, I will stash it under my futon I sleep on and have the world's most valuable futon. Maybe I’ll take a trip to Hawaii. Maybe, however, just maybe, I’ll take the opportunity I have been so drastically looking for to make something of myself. Now if you’re still reading, then I have hope it’s because you’ve realized I have an interest proposition for you. Now I’ve grown up in the suburbs of Boston in a middle class white family with a hard working mother and father and three older sisters. We are the epitome of a struggling middle class family that is in need of a break. Here is where you come in.
Bill Gates, worth roughly $65 Billion dollars, I am talking to you. May I please have.0015% of your total net worth. Now working as a financial advisor I was told that when talking about costs, it’s better to talk about it in terms of percentage then total. Because the term one million dollars seems hefty, but when I say .0015% of your net worth, it seems much more reasonable. Now let’s say Oprah Winfrey, who is worth roughly $2.5 billion. I’m asking for .04% of your total net worth. T. Boone Pickens, my American idol, that is only .083% of yours. I am talking to ALL of you.
Now in this modern age, our fearless leader Barack Obama has decided that our 1% should be punished for their hard work and savvy investing by force feeding the less unfortunate. I offer a better solution to the crumbling United States debt. Give me one million dollars, along with other self motivated, educated, and ambitious individuals like myself to stimulate this economy. Let us put our time and effort into building small businesses that can employ the less fortunate. Now this is a trickledown effect that may actually work. Invest in those that are suffering from the crushing student loan debt and liberate them to invest in this economy. Let’s invest in the young individuals that still have the energy to rebuild this country, save it from crumbling to ashes.
A revolution is coming in this country, and the 1% of America could leave their lasting mark after all the years of dedication to this country. You all dedicated yourselves to building this country to greatness over the past 25 years, and now it is our turn to revive it. 
I would like ONE MILLION DOLLARS to reinvest in this economy and perhaps, change my life, and those of many of my peers. And YOU could be the person that changed the path of the United States. The face of a revolution that changed the way America looked at the 1%. You could be America’s savior.
So please,  give me a chance and give me ONE MILLION DOLLARS. I thank you for your time and continued hard work and dedication.

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Robert Sinewick